Udacity Android Courses

The sections below include all of Udacity's Android-related courses, including their Android Basics & Android Developer Nanodegree material.

The complete course list is presently lacking a linear curriculum, so this reference aims to provide a clear, easy to follow path based on each course's prerequisites. The course order in the "Full Curriculum" sections is structured so that inidividuals with no prior programming experience can work through them from start to finish.

All of the courses can be taken for free; although the paid Nanodegree programs do offer additional benefits, including:

  • a Google-accredited certificate of completion
  • code reviews & guidance by Google-certified instructors
  • access to a course support forum
  • guaranteed job eligibility (Nanodegree Plus)

Full Curriculum

Level Group Course Length Projects
Beginner Preparation Java Ⅰ 6 Weeks
Beginner Preparation Java Ⅱ 4 Months
Beginner Preparation Git & GitHub 3 Weeks Contribute to a Repository
Beginner Preparation Install Android Studio 1 Day
Beginner Core App Development Ⅰ 4 Weeks Score Tracker, Fact List, Quiz, Music Player, Business Info
Beginner Core UI Design 4 Weeks Build Your Own App
Beginner Core Multi-Screen Apps 8 Weeks Report Card, Tour Guide
Beginner Core Networking 5 Weeks Book List, News Reader
Beginner Core UX Design 6 Weeks Build a User-Targeted App
Intermediate Core App Development Ⅱ 2 Weeks Popular Movies, Weather, Build Your Own App
Intermediate Core Material Design 4 Weeks Apply Material Design to News Reader
Intermediate Services Sign-In & Profiles 2 Weeks
Intermediate Services Maps 2 Weeks
Intermediate Services Location & Context 2 Weeks
Intermediate Services Analytics 2 Weeks
Intermediate Services Ads 2 Weeks
Intermediate Games Game Design Ⅰ 8 Weeks Breakout Clone
Intermediate Games Game Design Ⅱ 8 Weeks Space Shooter
Advanced Core App Development Ⅲ 6 Weeks Stock Tracker
Advanced Core Optimizing App Performance 4 Weeks
Advanced Core Firebase 8 Weeks
Advanced Core Gradle 6 Weeks Joke Teller
Advanced Platforms Android TV & Google Cast 1 Week
Advanced Platforms Android Wear 2 Weeks Create Wear Interface for Weather App
Advanced Platforms Android Auto 1 Week


* Course lengths are based on Udacity's presumed allocation of 6 hours per week.

Nanodegree Outlines

Android Basics

Skill Level:

  • Entering students should be motivated to learn and be comfortable with basic computer skills like managing files, navigating the Internet and running programs.


Also, there are currently Habit Tracker & Inventory Tracker projects listed with the message: "Supporting course content coming in August!".

Android Developer

Skill Level:

  • Entering students are expected to have prior experience building applications (web or mobile)
  • You should have at least 1-2 years of experience in Java or another object-oriented programming language prior to enrolling.

       App Development Ⅱ
       App Development Ⅲ
       Material Design
       Android Wear